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-:- The Famous Intro Words -:-

Dear visitor, welcome at the IKX site!

A brand new site, and a bright, open and big future for one of the best groups in the scene ;) We have many plans,
many ideas laying in front of us, and ofcourse we will eXchange our Knowledge with you :)

Some new things are new, some things are gone, in comparisation with the old site:

iKx website moves to vx.netlux.org!
A members section with photos of the members is added
The section 'Virii' is removed
A kind of News section is added (Guess what you are reading? ;)
And ofcourse some other stuff :)

Well, enjoy our site, share your fanmail to its (not so) humble creator,

Lifewire Speaking for ikx as web-fucker in a country far far away...

..."Defying time, defying imagination, defying gods in their domain - vx.netlux.org/ikx/"...
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