Positron's Delphi Virus Source Collection


21 Megs

This package include my Delphi virus/worm source collection. Some of them are created by me, but most of them are come from other Delphi coders. Many Delphi coder asked this collection from me earlier...

I am not develop in Delphi about a year ago, so I decided to publish these sources. I think Delphi virus, worm and malware coders will find interest codes in this package.

Some of the sources include the compiled binary too. Binaries are compiled with D4, D5, D6, D7 and Delphi 2005. Directory structure include KAV (Kapersky) names. You will find sources which name is Trojan or Backdoor. I put them to this package, because some AV detect them as Backdoor or Trojan but some AV detect them as worm or virus.

I stop Delphi coding, but it is not mean that I leave the vx-scene ...

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